Hi, we are BAKED KURLS
We create CBD infused hair products for predominantly afro & kinky hair, inspired by traditional home remedies from both African and Indian haircare practices.
Haircare is self-care
We believe that hair health should be treated holistically, imagine if you could feed your hair in the same way you feed your body?
All of our products are non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan, free of sulphates, parabens and silicones or nasty chemicals. We create products that are enriched with nutrients that simply do what it says on the bottle without harming your health.
We are transforming the natural hair space, one product at a time
We do this through innovation, education and community:
Innovation - Providing you with non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free haircare products, inspired by home remedies with ground-breaking formulas.
Education – We are not gatekeeping the secrets to healthy hair, we are giving you the secrets to healthy hair. We give you the knowledge to look after your natural hair. We don’t just provide you with great products, we also help you to take a deeper look at your natural hair regimen, haircare is self-care.
Community – It’s at the heart of everything that we do, Baked Kurls is made by us, for us. We bring people together to love and celebrate their afro crown. The natural hair space has been prone to excluding the voices of type 4, kinky hair, we exist to change that. We do this by creating an online safe space called the Kurly Community, events, and our podcast.
Meet the Founder
Hello, my name is Jessica, and I am the Founder of Baked Kurls, it’s great to have you here!
As a black woman, I know that hair is one of the most important ways to express ourselves, and after struggling with a receding hairline, loss of edges and overly processed heat-damaged hair, from chemical processing back in 2018, I noticed that I had lost a lot of confidence in myself. So, I decided to cut off all of my dead hair gradually and transition to my true self - my natural hair.
I started a spiritual journey of self-discovery with my hair. But when I was looking for effective, clean natural hair products, I noticed that there was a lot of misleading products from companies that simply were not listening to their customers.
75% of the products on the black hair market contain toxic ingredients. 
*Data taken from Silent Spring Institute
With this knowledge and frustration in mind, at the end of 2018, I decided to begin to create natural, organic, natural hair products out of my kitchen, I became so drawn to holistic haircare, researching and experimenting with all of the ingredients you see in Baked Kurls products today.
At the same time, I was taking CBD for my anxiety, and also noticed the incredible benefits of CBD my mental health. One day, I decided to experiment with CBD in my haircare products, I instantly noticed that my hair transformed. That was my eureka moment, I became devoted to creating fresh, innovative products that are non-toxic, with high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.
Now I’m a haircare product formulator, and natural hair coach, dedicated to helping you love your kurls, examine your habits, rethink your natural hair routine with the simple mantra “haircare is self-care”, and all while achieving healthy hair that does not cause harm to your health.
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With love and light,